Where was The Last Song filmed? (2023)

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After campaigning for months to host production, production of The Last Song was relocated from North Carolina (like the novel) to Georgia. The filming took place in Tybee Island and nearby Savannah, making it the first movie to be both set and filmed on Tybee Island.Tybee Island is mainly known for its white sandy beaches and vibrant sunset, making it a favorite destination among filmmakers from all over the globe. The Wormsloe Plantation, located at 7601 Skidway Road in Savannah, features in the movie when Ronnie meets Will Blakelee. This historic location comprises several oak-lined paths leading to a house built by Noble Jones in 1736. Furthermore, some interior sequences were shot inside studio sound stages to ensure top-quality production.A trip to the filming locations of The Last Song 2010 is a worthwhile experience if only to explore the beauty of Tybee Island and discover more about the deep history behind Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah. Visitors can take advantage of numerous activities like kayaking or fishing near Tybee Beach while exploring lesser-known spots like Fort Pulaski National Monument or Ossabaw Island for added adventure.

Where was The Last Song filmed? (3)Location Types

Tybee Island, Savannah, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Where was The Last Song filmed? (4)Location Styles

Beach, Mansion, House, Church, Film Studio

About The Last Song

The Last Song is a 2010 romantic drama directed by Julie Anne Robinson and written by Nicholas Sparks, based on his 2009 novel. The film stars Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Liam Hemsworth, Bobby Coleman, and Kelly Preston. The Last Song was released theatrically in the United States on March 31, 2010.

The story follows Ronnie Miller (Miley Cyrus), an angry 17-year-old who has been estranged from her father, Steve (Greg Kinnear), for years. That is until she is sent to spend the summer with him at the Georgia beach. Along with her younger brother Jonah (Bobby Coleman), Ronnie rekindles her love for music by playing piano and befriends Will (Liam Hemsworth), a local volunteer worker.

The Last Song was nominated for several awards, including a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Drama in 2010 and Choice Movie Actress: Drama (Miley Cyrus). The film also received three Teen Choice Awards in the same year for Choice Movie Breakout Star: Male (Liam Hemsworth), Choice Movie: Hissy Fit (Miley Cyrus), and Choice Movie: Love Song (When I Look At You).

The movie has a low approval rating of 21% on Rotten Tomatoes, as of June 2020, based on 119 reviews. Similarly, Metacritic gave the film a "generally unfavorable" score of 33% based on 27 reviews.

The Last Song Locations

Beachfront, Bungalow, Craftsman, Colonial, Dock, Rustic

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The Miller's house scene in The Last Song

1806 Butler Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328, USA

Kim Miller (Kelly Preston) sends her two children, Veronica “Ronnie” and her younger brother Jonah, to spend the summer with their father Steve (Greg Kinnear). Steve, a former Julliard School professor and concert pianist, resides in Wrightsville Beach, his hometown. He is preoccupied with making a stained-glass window to replace the one lost in a recent fire at the local church.

Steve’s picturesque beach house with its sun-drenched living room, expansive backyard, and inviting front porch gives viewers a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. The scenes were filmed at 1806 Butler Ave on Tybee Island in Georgia. The island itself is known for its pristine beaches, historic architecture, and laid-back atmosphere that makes it a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

The beautiful beach property features an old-fashioned beach cottage, tall palm trees, and a tranquil atmosphere. However, it is now private property, so be mindful of that when dropping by.

From Atlanta to Tybee Island, take I-75 S and I-16 E. Get on Washington St and Pulliam St SW to access I-75 S. Keep following I-75 S and I-16 E until you reach Montgomery St in Savannah. From here, use exit 167B from I-16 E. Finally, in Savannah, take E President St, Islands Expy, and US-80 E until you reach 18th Pl in Tybee Island.

Ronnie meets the love of her life scenes in The Last Song

Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion, Tybrisa St, Tybee Island, GA 31328, USA

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The pier is a recurring backdrop throughout various scenes, and it is one of the places Ronnie and Will interact with each other. Ronnie behaves unfriendly towards people, even towards the charming and well-liked Will Blakelee. During a volleyball game, Will collides with her and spills a shake on her.

Ronnie disregards the incident and interacts with Blaze (Carly Chaikin), an unpopular person who resides with her partner Marcus (Nick Lashaway). At a beach bonfire later that night, Blaze makes advances toward Ronnie, after he mistakenly thinks that she initiated it. As retribution, Blaze frames Ronnie for theft and gets her arrested.

The Tybee Island Beach Pier is a community landmark; locals often go fishing off it while visitors partake in people-watching or visiting its snack bar. The first pavilion that was built on this spot burned down in 1967 due to a fire but it was rebuilt three decades later before the 1996 Olympics. This second pavilion has since been standing as a symbol of hope and resilience amongst beachgoers.

To visit The Last Song filming location, the closest airport to Tybee Island Beach Pier is Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, located around 29 miles away from it. If traveling by car, follow US-80 West and drive straight until you arrive at your destination. Additionally, local bus routes from downtown Savannah run directly to Tybee Island Beach Pier multiple times daily.

The aquarium kiss scene in The Last Song

Georgia Aquarium, 225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA

Will and Ronnie share a passionate kiss in the middle of the aquarium. Set against the vibrant backdrop of colorful marine life, it is a beautiful moment between two star-crossed lovers. After their first meeting, Will invites Ronnie to the aquarium where he works.

Ronnie later discovers that taking girls to the aquarium is something Will frequently does. This upsets Ronnie, and she expresses her frustration to him at the turtle's nest. However, they end up kissing and getting into a relationship.

The scenes were filmed at the Georgia Aquarium, while most indoor shots were filmed in a high-tech studio. The Georgia Aquarium is one of the world's largest aquariums by water volume, encompassing more than 10 million gallons of fresh and saltwater.


Spanning over ten acres, it boasts an impressive array of creatures, including beluga whales, whale sharks, manta rays, penguins, and sea otters. It is organized into seven interactive galleries focusing on ecosystems like rivers, coldwater and tropical oceans.

From Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL), take MARTA train line N (Gold Line) to Peachtree Center Station. From there, it’s a 13 minutes walk to the Georgia Aquarium. You can also take a taxi or ride-sharing service if you prefer.

Will gets Ronnie to his house scene in The Last Song

Wormsloe Historic Site, 7601 Skidaway Rd, Savannah, GA 31406, USA

The scene at Will's mansion was filmed at the Wormsloe Plantation. This majestic property lies on 7601 Skidway Road in Savannah, Georgia, and is home to one of the city’s most iconic oak alleys. Its picturesque scenery provided the perfect backdrop for Ronnie’s initial meeting with Will’s parents (Kate Vernon and Nick Searcy).

Will takes Ronnie home, assuming his parents are not there, but she soon finds out that he lives in a massive mansion behind a grand gate. When his parents unexpectedly return early, they all have an uncomfortable dinner together. Afterward, Will confides in Ronnie that his brother recently died. They both declare their love for each other and Ronnie surprises Will by playing the piano.

The Wormsloe Plantation was built by English settler Noble Jones back in 1739 and was passed down to his descendants until it was taken over by the state in 1973. It is one of the most popular places to take pictures because of how impressive it looks. There are exhibits with information about colonial history that visitors can check out and walking trails to explore.

You have the option to either go on a guided tour or explore the trails on your own.

To visit Wormsloe Plantation, drive from downtown Savannah or get there by public transportation. The bus line #31 from downtown goes directly to Wormsloe every 20 minutes from 7 am-9 pm daily, which will take about 45 minutes.

Alternatively, cycle or walk there, it’s only 9 miles from downtown Savannah. Once you arrive at the site, you will be required to pay an entrance fee to gain access to both the exhibits and walking trails.

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Ronnie finds out about the church scene in The Last Song

1112 U.S. 80, Tybee Island, GA 31328, USA

In the initial scenes, we learn that Steve (Greg Kinnear) is creating a new stained-glass window to replace the one lost in a fire at the nearby church. In the end, during Ronnie's father's funeral, she announces that no words can do justice to how amazing he was. Instead, she decides to express her feelings by playing their song. As she starts playing, the stained-glass window lets in sunlight, and she can't help but smile, feeling her father's presence with her.

The scene was filmed at The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel and Grand Ballroom, located on a beautiful beachfront island in Georgia. The chapel was initially built for a movie and is situated at the junction of 6th Ave and 13th. Later, it was relocated to U.S. 80 and transformed into a wedding chapel for the community.

Located at 7601 Skidway Road in Savannah, the Chapel is open to the public. To get there, drive or take one of the buses from downtown Savannah that run to the plantation every hour on weekends from April through October.


The main element of the film, the star-crossed love story, is compelling and engaging, with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth giving solid performances in their roles as Ronnie and Will. However, the script often falls into cliches of the genre, and some plot points, such as class disparity and terminal illness, could have been explored more deeply.

Ronnie, who recently graduated from high school, goes to spend some time at her father's beach house in Georgia with her younger brother. Her parents are divorced, causing distress to the siblings. Ronnie is a gifted piano player but gave up on her dreams of attending Juilliard when she got into legal trouble.

The performances in The Last Song were good overall, and they did their best to honestly bring out the characters' emotions. Additionally, while some exciting ideas are present in this movie's plot, they often need more depth and resolution. Also, many twists rely on coincidence more than plausible storytelling, which can cause disbelief from viewers.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an entertaining yet predictable viewing experience, then The Last Song may be worth watching. However, this is not your preferred choice if you want something fresh or innovative.

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Where did they film The Last Song? ›

After campaigning for months to host production, production of The Last Song was relocated from North Carolina (like the novel) to Georgia. The filming took place in Tybee Island and nearby Savannah, making it the first movie to be both set and filmed on Tybee Island.

What aquarium was The Last Song filmed at? ›

Georgia Aquarium

Each of its seven interactive galleries focuses on a different type of ecosystem, including rivers, coldwater and tropical ocean. The Georgia Aquarium also has special events and animal encounters like scuba diving.

Was The Last Song filmed in Savannah? ›

"The Last Song", the 2010 romantic tearjerker starring former sweethearts Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, was filmed primarily on Tybee Island near Savannah, GA. Tybee is about half an hour outside of Savannah, accessible by car, and its beach and pier were featured prominently in the film.

Where is the wedding in The Last Song? ›

Live from the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel featured in the movie The Last Song.

Where do they film Outer Banks in Charleston? ›

Filming location: Lowndes Grove sits along the banks of the Ashley River in Charleston. The 14-acre estate was built in 1786 and is now a venue for weddings and events. John B (Chase Stokes) lives at the Chateau and still maintains the residence even after the disappearance of his dad, Big John (Charles Halford).

Is The Last Song where Miley and Liam met? ›

2009: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth meet while filming 'The Last Song' Cyrus and Hemsworth met in 2009 on the set of The Last Song, the movie adaptation of the popular Nicholas Sparks novel. Shortly after filming wrapped, the two confirmed their romance when they had a PDA-filled goodbye at the airport.

Can you rent the house from The Last Song? ›

Visit: the last song beach house, which you can RENT in tybee island, Ga!!

Where was Forrest Gump filmed? ›

Even the Forrest Gump film scenes of the fictional town of Greenbow, Alabama, were in Varnville, South Carolina. Major chunks of the Forrest Gump production were shot in and around the parts of Beaufort in South Carolina, areas of North Carolina, and coastal Virginia.

What town did they film Big Fish? ›

Jackson Lake Island is a private island in Elmore County, Alabama, which contains the fictional town of Spectre, built as a film set for the 2003 film Big Fish. After production of the film ended, the set was initially abandoned, then partially renovated for use as a tourist attraction.

Was The Last Song filmed in South Carolina? ›

The setting, originally in North Carolina like the novel, relocated to Georgia after the states had campaigned for months to host production. Upon beginning production in Tybee Island, Georgia, and nearby Savannah, The Last Song became the first movie to be both filmed and set in Tybee Island.

What is the most photographed street in Savannah? ›

Known as Savannah's main street, Broughton Street is home to beautiful buildings, twinkle lights and festive decor – all of which contribute to it being a must-photograph Savannah sight.

Where was The Last Song Beach House? ›

Defenders of the native habitat of the Outer Banks of North Carolina fear that a recent increase in wild horses threatens the coastal ecosystem. Visit: the last song beach house, which you can RENT in tybee island, Ga!!

What chapel was in The Last Song? ›

Built for the film “The Last Song,” Disney gifted this chapel to the Tybee Island Historical Society who moved it to its current location after filming wrapped. One of the movie's most pivotal scenes features the wedding chapel as the Baptist church that catches fire (don't worry – it has since been repaired!).

What happened to the church in The Last Song? ›

At the end of filming, Cyrus hoped to fly the church set back to her family's estate in Tennessee. Disney agreed to donate the building to the island after Tybee officials lobbied to keep it, with the condition that its connection to The Last Song not be advertised.

Do they stay together in The Last Song? ›

Jonah tearfully returns home, and Will prepares to leave for his first semester of college. In her grief, Ronnie breaks up with Will. Now 18, she decides to stay with her dad to care for him during his final months.

Does Miley Cyrus play the piano in The Last Song? ›

Miley Cyrus Had To Learn To Play The Piano For 'The Last Song' | News | MTV.

Was The Last Song in the movie Elvis or the actor? ›

Unchained Melody by Elvis Presley - “Unchained Melody” appears at the end of the film during one of Elvis's last performances prior to his premature death, memorably featuring performance footage of the real-life Elvis.

What beach was safe haven filmed on? ›

This beach scene was shot at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, which is a large state park located near Kure Beach between the famous Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. This park covers nearly six miles of unspoiled beaches and trails that are open to the public.

What is The Last Song in the movie Nashville? ›

The final scene of Robert Altman's 1975 film Nashville belongs to the transient wannabe singer Albuquerque, played by the late Barbara Harris.


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